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Black Lives Matter Statement

Institute of African Studies, Emory University

We, the faculty at the Institute of African Studies at Emory University, are outraged by the unceasing state-sanctioned violence against African Americans. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery among many others remind us that we live in a world where systematic anti-Black racism and the legacies of slavery remain deeply entrenched. They are part of our institutions of justice just as they are a part of our institutions of healthcare, arts and education, including our own university. We condemn this racism and commit to raising even greater awareness. We celebrate the long tradition of Black protest that has been at the root of societal change from Selma to Soweto and recognize our indebtedness as scholars to this historical practice of social change. We stand with those fighting for justice today.

As scholars who study the African continent and its Diasporas, we pledge to renew our energies to dismantle white supremacy. In our scholarship and teaching, we will continue to bring to light the manifold national and global manifestations of racial violence and to unearth traditions of fearless mobilization against it. Most importantly, we will advance racial awareness and justice at Emory University by creating more spaces of reflection, mentoring students and scholars beyond the classroom, and holding our university accountable to the urgent work of anti-racism we must pursue.