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African Studies Faculty

The core faculty conduct research in all regions of Africa. Their teaching and research interests converge around such topics as politics and governance; social organization and social change; health and disease; systems of thought and belief; gender; art; ritual, performance, and cultural representation; language and communication; political economy; and economic development.


Carol Anderson Headshot
Carol Anderson
Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies
Melvin Ayogu Headshot
Melvin Ayogu
Professor of Pedagogy of Economics
Mariana Candido Headshot
Mariana Candido
Winship Distinguished Research Professor of History, 2023-2026 & Professor
Sam Cherribi Headshot
Sam Cherribi
Senior Lecturer of Middle Eastern Studies
Adriana Chira Headshot
Adriana Chira
Associate Professor of History
Clifton Crais Headshot
Clifton Crais
Professor of History
Kyrah Daniels Headshot
Kyrah Daniels
Assistant Professor of African American Studies
Anouar El Younssi Headshot
Anouar El Younssi
Assistant Professor of Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies
Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi Headshot
Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi
Associate Professor of Art History
Craig Hadley Headshot
Craig Hadley
Professor of Anthropology
Jessica Ham Headshot
Jessica Ham
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Oxford College
Jehu Hanciles Headshot
Jehu Hanciles
D.W. and Ruth Brooks Professor of World Christianity
Bayo Holsey Headshot
Bayo Holsey
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Nahomi Ichino Headshot
Nahomi Ichino
Associate Professor of Political Science
Peter Little Headshot
Peter Little
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology
Christine Loflin Headshot
Christine Loflin
Associate Professor of English, Oxford College
Valérie Loichot Headshot
Valérie Loichot
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of French
Phil MacLeod Headshot
Phil MacLeod
Interim Bibliographer for African Studies
Bamba Ndiaye Headshot
Bamba Ndiaye
Assistant Professor of African Studies At The Oxford College
Kristin Phillips Headshot
Kristin Phillips
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Devaka Premawardhana Headshot
Devaka Premawardhana
Assistant Professor of Religion
Carla Roncoli Headshot
Carla Roncoli
Affiliated Faculty, Departments of Anthropology and Environmental Sciences
Walter C. Rucker Headshot
Walter C. Rucker
Professor of African American Studies and History
Pamela Scully Headshot
Pamela Scully
Professor, Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Institute of African Studies
Gehane Shehata Headshot
Gehane Shehata
Associate Teaching Professor of Arabic
Salmon A. Shomade Headshot
Salmon A. Shomade
Associate Professor of Political Science, Oxford College
Dianne Stewart Headshot
Dianne Stewart
Professor of Religion and African American Studies
Nathan Suhr-Sytsma Headshot
Nathan Suhr-Sytsma
Associate Professor of English
Ana Teixeira Headshot
Ana Teixeira
Senior Lecturer of Portuguese
Michelle M. Wright Headshot
Michelle M. Wright
Emory University College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of English
Subha Xavier Headshot
Subha Xavier
Interim Director and DUS, Institute of African Studies
N-402B Callaway Center

Affiliate Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Edna Bay Headshot
Edna Bay
Professor, Institute of Liberal Arts
David Eltis Headshot
David Eltis
Robert W. Woodruff Professor of History
Corinne A. Kratz Headshot
Corinne A. Kratz
Professor, Institute of African Studies and Anthropology
Kristin Mann Headshot
Kristin Mann
Professor, History

In Memoriam

Ivan Karp Headshot
Ivan Karp
National Endowment for the Humanities Professor, Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts
Sidney Littlefield Kasfir Headshot
Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
Professor Emerita of Art History
Richard A. Long Headshot
Richard A. Long
Atticus Haygood Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Emeritus